Vendor Sponsorships


If you are placing a Well in your store, restaurant, or other retail location, you probably have many vendors that would LOVE to get their brand in the prime floor space of your store. You can charge them an annual sponsorship fee for doing so which can become a profit for your floor space, or you can add it to the coin revenue raised for your charity.

All you have to do is offer it to them. They will jump at the chance.


"There is no better advertising opportunity for a business than having its name on Spiral Wishing Wells located in the most valuable real estate in town...retail stores."


Please select the best option below to learn more about Sponsorships and Corporate Programs.

  • Click here if you are a charity organization, museum, zoo, school, library, or a store hosting a Well, and want to learn more about how to get a local company to sponsor your Well(s). This page includes a letter with suggested wording to get a sponsor.

  • Click here if you are a local company and would like to learn how you can sponsor one or more Wells in your city. This includes Wells in long-term store locations and/or having a Well you can loan out to one-time events with your name on it.

  • Click here if you are a large company or foundation and would like to learn more about regional and national sponsorship programs.


1-Page Sponsorship Invitation Template

Click here to see a 1-page template that you can send or hand to parents, patrons, or others. This is the FASTEST way to get an individual or family sponsor. Some organizations have gotten a sponsor within an hour of sending this out!

We have published a "Save Our Library" page specifically for that cause. But it can apply to all the charities and organizations for which people give passionate support. If you would like a page dedicated to your favorite charity, please let us know.


Seven-Footer in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

This Seven-Footer was sponsored by a lady in Colorado, in memory of her husband, for a Rotary Club in Mexico where it is raising lots of money and recognition for the Rotary Club.

Personal and family sponsorships are a very popular way to fund Wells.




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