Sponsorship Invitation Template - 1 page

Instructions: This draft is specifically for Two or Three-Footers, but can easily be adapted for Seven-Footers by changing the amounts. It uses generic assumptions, so feel free to customize it as necessary. Some organizations will use this invitation to get sponsorships for multiple Wells if they have a large facility, or want to place Wells in retail locations in their community.

Wherever you see [**] it refers to the name of your facility, organization, or project.

Question: Should you address it to individuals or generic “Members” or “Parents” or “Patrons” or ???. That is up to you. Sometimes people make a quicker decision when they know that others are considering the Sponsorship. Other times, addressing it personally, or even handing it to them in person is better. Hopefully, you know your prospective sponsors the best.

Copy and paste the following into your word processor where you can edit and send it to your prospective sponsors. Or, you can print it and hand it out at events or other venues. It is intended to be an email so the recipient can click on the links and picture. If you print and mail it, you will want to include the close-up picture of the rim sticker that is linked from the picture. You might need to modify the font, margins, or shrink the photo to fit on one page.

If you have any questions or would like help customizing your invitation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your Letterhead

Dear [name or group];

Sponsorship Opportunity

We would like to add a Spiral Wishing Well to our [**] to raise much-needed revenue for [name the project or fund if different]. You have probably seen these exciting coin funnels in museums, zoos, stores, and [name a category like yours] where they raise thousands of dollars per year. Children and adults love to toss coins in and watch them spin around the funnel seeming to defy the laws of gravity, faster and faster as they descend the nearly vertical walls of the vortex. If you haven’t seen them before, there are pictures, descriptions, and video clips on

We know a Well will be a great addition to our [**]. Our challenge is that we don’t have room in the budget for the initial cost, and would like to ask you if you would be willing to sponsor the Well for us?

Amount Needed

We have already qualified for an assistance grant that pays $500 of the cost if we are able to order before their fund is depleted. So we need a local sponsor to cover the balance which would be [specify the amount you want sponsored. You can include shipping and the $45 cost of the brass-like rim sticker…].

In gratitude for your sponsorship, we will include permanent recognition on the rim of the Well like the sample shown on the accompanying picture. The wording can be customized to fit your wishes. If you want to dedicate your sponsorship to someone past or present, that can be included.

Better than a Cash Donation

Spiral Wishing Wells generate a lot more than their cost. So your sponsorship will be “leveraged” to a much larger amount as the months and years go by. If you do it as a family, it will be a great legacy for your children to know they have a part in helping [**]. We will keep you posted with an annual report so you know what your generous gift is doing for [**]. Also, when the Well arrives and is put in place, we would like you and your family to join us to be part of the unveiling and kick off.

Tax Deductible

In order for your sponsorship to be tax deductible, you will want to write a check to [name your organization]. Then we will purchase the Well directly.


The manufacturer has a relationship with a national grant organization called, “Project Kindness” who will pay $500 of the cost until their fund is depleted. So we need to move quickly. Therefore, I hope that you are able to make a favorable decision right away.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support of [**] and for considering this special sponsorship opportunity. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your Name, Title, Contact info]