Which is the Best Size for Your Location?


Two-Foot Diameter Coin Funnel


This section discusses the floor model fund raising sizes. Two and Three-Footers are primarily designed for stores and retail spaces with average floor space. The giant Seven-Footer is designed for locations with plenty of room such as shopping malls, theaters, bowling centers, auditoriums, sporting facilities, museums, zoos, and other public locations.

  • Two-Footer (24" measured across the top - 60.96cm)
  • Three-Footer (36" measured across the top - 91.44cm)
  • Seven-Footer

Three-Footers are the most popular size by far. Because of the manufacturing volume, we offer them at the same price as Two-Footers. So if you have room for a Three-Footer, it is the better option. Three-Footers are over twice the coin-spinning surface area of a Two-Footer which might not even be noticed in a large area. For these reasons, the Three-Footer is a lot more "bang for the buck" if you have the available floor space.

On the other hand, if you are considering a smaller space such as a "Wait-To-Be-Seated" area of a restaurant, if the Three-Footer will not fit, the Two-Footer is the answer. In smaller spaces, it will attract plenty of attention. We have found that as long as people notice it, both sizes generate about the same amount of money.

So the key is properly sizing it to the available space.

While the Seven-Footer is more expensive, it is a lot more powerful. With 8 coin launch ramps compared to 2 for the other sizes, a lot more people will be launching coins and playing the racing games. It pays for itself in about the same amount of time as the smaller models which means it is generating exponentially more money for years to come. It is often easier to get a sponsor for a Seven-Footer because it is a much more significant device and is placed in the highest foot traffic locations. So if you have the floor space for a Seven-Footer, it is definitely the most profitable.

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