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Last Updated: May 24, 2024 

BY: Steve Divnick, President

While some of our non-profit organization customers rent their Wells out to help supplement their charity income, we are launching a new and aggressive program to find individuals across the country who will rent Wells in their area for their own personal income. Experience has taught us that individuals with a profit motive will do a much better job of promoting and offering their Wells than a charity.


We receive rental requests from all over the world. But we can’t rent Wells from here in Ohio because of the back and forth shipping cost. So we would like to develop a database where people can rent Wells in their own city.

How much can you earn renting a Well?

The recommended rental rate is “50% of the revenue or $250, whichever is least.” Anyone who rents a Well will use the event strategies that accompany every rented Well. Those strategies generated over $40,000 at a church event, and have produced $1,000 to $5,000 at many events. So most will raise far more than $500 which will yield the $250 rental fee every time your Well is rented out.

Using our templates for getting the word out in your area, in a modest-size city, you should be able to rent a single Well out at least 2 to 4 times per week. That can include any number of events during the week, Friday night high school games, a Saturday charity event, and a Sunday charity event or church fund raising campaign. In fact, Saturday and Sunday’s are the most requested times, and those events are often limited to a morning or afternoon, so it is quite possible to have 2 rentals for each of those days.

Your Well will also have a “Rim Sticker Offer” that says, "If you want to use this Well for your fund raising event, please call or text [your phone #]" At every event, virtually every person will be connected to another charity of some kind. It might be their church, school, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, or other service club, the local library, Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Miracle Network, Boy or Girl Scouts, or their daughter’s cheerleading squad. The number and variety of charities out there is astounding and continues to surprise us. They all need to raise money, and a Wishing Well is a great way to do it. But they can’t afford to buy one, so they will jump at the chance to rent it…WITH NO RISK WHATSOEVER. They don’t have to pay for it until AFTER they have generated the income.

"I can't believe how simple this is. A couple months ago, I purchased a $12,000 lawn mower for my lawn service company. If I keep it busy, it might generate $500 per week...but I have to pay the guy who operates it, plus the gas and other service costs. I might clear $200 a week out of it. That's enough to pay for it...but it will take 2 years before it is actually profitable. My Wishing Well generates about $1,000 every week with no effort at all...and it only cost me $1500! The least I have earned is $250 one week (1 rental) and the most is $3,000."
J. Stone, California

You might not be in a large city…and you might not rent your Well out multiple times per week. But if you only rent it once per weekend, that would generate $1,000 per month of the easiest money you will ever receive! There isn’t any other way to generate such significant passive income. They will come pick the Well up from you, and bring it back and hand you a check. It doesn’t get any easier than that. We have everything you need to make it as simple as could be…template email responses, a rental form for the renter to sign, and the promotional items you will need to get the ball rolling…or should I say, to get the coins rolling!!!

In a modestly sized population area, a Rentor can rent their Well out at least 3 times per week, or 12 times per month. At the minimum $250 a pop, that's an extra $3,000 per month, and doesn’t include the Mini-Well toy profit that can more than double that amount (see Bonus Income below)! And that’s from a single Well. If you are in a city, you will need more than one because many charity events overlap. Churches are one of the primary category of renters, and they mostly meet at the same time on Sunday. Friday night football games are another popular time to rent the Wells.

This is especially profitable for those who own a retail store or restaurant because they can place their Well in their store when it is not rented out. And of course, it will get a lot of new customers walking in the door when they come to pick it up and bring it back. But if you don’t own a store…if you are a retired teacher, pastor, carpenter, fireman, or any other average person wanting to create a passive income stream, this is for you.

"I did exactly what you recommended...emailed your template letter to the athletic director at my local high school. He immediately understood it was a can't-lose offer since it didn't cost them anything up front. He followed the event promo ideas you supplied. They raised $1750 at their first event...and paid me $250. I got 3 more rentals lined up as a result of parents seeing the "Rent Me" rim sticker. And the AD is going to rent it several more times this school year. Is it always going to be this easy? I need more of these things."
B. Blossom, Ohio


We invite you to join our “Spiral Wishing Well Rental Program” and lock up your territory before someone else gets it. It will generate steady income for many years to come…and when you are done earning the money, you can sell your territory.

If you are interested in becoming a Rentor, please click here to contact us, and select “Becoming a Rentor” in the Subject menu. Include the city and state or general territory where you would like to rent your Well(s).

Bonus Income

One of the ideas in the event strategies page is that the Rentee can give toy mini-Wells away "FREE for a $50 or greater donation". Rentees can purchase Mini-Wells from you for $20, so it is possible for them to raise more money giving the Mini-Well Coin Banks away than the coin revenue in the floor-model Well. As the Rentor you can purchase the Mini-Well Coin Banks for the lowest wholesale price of $13.50 each so you will earn an additional broker fee by supplying the Mini-Well Coin Banks to your no additional hassle to you. Most Rentors consign a case or two of Mini-Well Coin Banks to their Rentees who pay for the Mini-Well Coin Banks they sell when they bring the floor model Well back to you. Of course, this requires you to purchase the Mini-Well Coin Banks to have on hand, so you don't have to do it if you don't want to. If you choose not to participate in this bonus income, you would just remove the references to the Mini-Well Coin Banks in the following "Tools" templates. But we certainly encourage you to do it. It is easy money. The "Free for a $50 or greater donation" option is described here.


We provide the following recommendations and "tools" to help Rentors:

Rim Sticker: The Rim Sticker (shown in this photo) is the simplest way to offer your Well to Renters. Everyone attending an event is going to see how much fun it is, and almost everyone is connected to another charity, church, school, service club, or main stream charity. The wording and offer is simple: "If you would like to use this Well for your fund-raising event, please call [your phone number] for arrangements." This is basically a "Rent Me" sign, front and center on your Well. We can make them for you in durable vinyl for $15 each, or you can have them printed locally. they are 3x5 inches.

Press Release: This alerts your city that you have a Well available for fund raising events. Of course, you can also contact charities, churches, and schools directly and let them know they can rent your Well. You can modify the press release for that purpose too. Also, with your name and number on the Well, whenever it is being rented out, many of the people who see it will represent another charity, and so you will receive inquires from those leads too.

Direct Offer Page to Churches, Schools, Service Clubs, and Charities: This document is designed so you can copy, paste, and edit it as needed. While the rim sticker will generate a lot of loan requests, sending something directly to these charities will create a lot of instant loan requests. With schools alone, you could send something to the athletic director, band booster, the principal, PTA, and the development office. Look in the Yellow Pages for churches; for Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and other service clubs; associations; fraternal organizations; charitable organizations; social service organizations; youth organizations; etc. You can either mail or fax them something like this Direct Offer Piece, or call them and refer them to this website page. Once you get the ball rolling, the word of mouth and exposure of the Well at events will generate ongoing requests.

Standard Rental Agreement This is a document you can print on your letterhead. We also encourage you to send it to everyone who inquires about renting the Well from you because it includes a link to the following document which will give them a lot of confidence and help them raise even more money.

How to get started: This page describes the simple step-by-step procedures for attracting renters in your area.

If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming a Rentor, please Click Here to Contact Us, and select “Rental Questions” in the drop-down Subject menu. Include the city and state or general territory where you would like to rent your Well(s).



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