Rental and Loan Options

"Rental" assumes a fee or split of the revenue. "Loan" assumes no fee or split...that the borrowing organization keeps 100% of the revenue. Both have their place as discussed on this page.

Loan Program

If you are a business, you might want to loan your Well to schools, churches, and other charities at no charge...with your name on it. This is great advertising for you and demonstrates your community support. Essentially, your "Provided by" sign on the Well is a fantastic opportunity to let your community know who you are and that you support them. Click here to read more about the Loan Program.

Some churches loan their Wells out free as an "outreach" program. It is a great way to let the community know that you are actively supporting its needs. That is the kind of church people want to join. Click here to see the Church Program.

This page focuses on the rental aspects...either renting out your Well to a charity fund raising event, or being the "rentee" and using a Well at your event.

Do you have a one-day or short-term event coming up that would be great for a Spiral Wishing Well? The one-day income record until recently was with a rented Well at $7,352 at a small Christian high school in Oregon! That has now been beaten by a church in California that raised $40,979 in one day using our event strategies!

We receive a lot of requests about one day or weekend rentals. Unfortunately, it is not practical for us to rent Wells from our factory in Ohio because of the shipping costs. Similarly, local stores that are using Wells do not rent them out because they would have to charge too much to replace the income they would lose by removing them from their present location.

So we have launched a new program encouraging service clubs, schools, churches, and businesses to rent their Wells to local one-day or weekend fund raising events. It is our hope to establish a data base of Wells that can be rented in all cities.

Note: It is impractical for a Well owner to rent their Well for long term events that last more than a day or weekend. The Rental Program assumes you are renting a Well for an "event" that allows you to capitalize on the "Event Strategies " that we have developed.

Please contact us and let us know if you would like to rent a Well for your event. We will let you know if there are any Wells available in your area.

Rental Rates

We recommend 50% of the Well's revenue, with a maximum of $250 (assuming a short term of a day or weekend rental period). Most organizations that rent a Well take advantage of the promotional ideas to generate large amounts of money at an event. This includes encouraging people to bring all their loose change from home, bills, checks, pledges, and matching funds. It wouldn't be appropriate for the Renter to get a large share of those kind of donations, so an upper limit of $250 is used. But any promoted even to a closed group to whom you can promote it ahead of time will raise a lot of money. We do not encourage just renting a Well and placing it in a foot-path of an unpromoted event. Everyone thinking about renting a Well should be planning on using the promotional strategies and raising at least $1,000 which will generate the $250 to the renter. If you follow our event strategies, you should generate significantly more than $1,000.

This is a "no-risk" option for the Rentee, and profitable enough for the Renter to be willing to remove their Well from its present location.

Become a Renter!

There are many local organizations that would like to rent a Well for an event. They include all local chapters of familiar charities, churches, schools, libraries, and the many groups within a school such as the varsity teams, band, PTA, and others. It is possible for your Well to be rented out every Saturday, again on Sunday, and several week nights if you wish. But if you only rent it out twice a weekend, that will likely generate $500 a weekend, or $2,000 a month for your own charity.

We include everything you need to be able to publish the fact that you have a Well available. Click here to read how easy it is to spread the word that you have a Well available for charity events, churches, and schools. We have everything set up for you.

Great Exposure and Publicity

It also provides exceptional exposure for the Renter's organization with your name on the bottom of the Well like the one pictured on this page. In fact, for many organizations, the most important benefit will be the exposure and public relations. You normally have to PAY for advertising, but the Spiral Wishing Well Rental Program generates better exposure, and YOUR ORGANIZATION GETS PAID in the process.

So the Spiral Wishing Well Rental Program is doubly profitable for the Renter. And it is very simple. The Rentee will come pick up your Well, bring it back, and hand you a check!

Special Invitation for Individuals or Businesses to Become a Spiral Wishing Well Renter

Because most of our charity customers are reluctant to take their Well out of its present location, we are looking for people to rent out Wells in your city with anticipated income of about $1,000 to $3,000 per month. This is a great part time passive income stream. We want to create a database of Renters to whom we can refer rental inquiries from local churches, schools, libraries, and other non-profit organizations. If you are interested in this opportunity, please click here for more information.



We provide the following recommendations and "tools" to help Renters:

Signs: If you rent out your Well, we recommend you place a sign with your name on it on the bottom of the Well, similar to the Kiwanis sign in this sample picture. You will also notice the rim sticker which will generate a lot of rental requests for you. At any given event, every person there represents another charity...a church, a school, a social service organization...and they are always looking for ways to raise money. So your a sign and rim sticker with your name on it will not only be great exposure for you, it will lead to more and more rental requests. We can make the signs for you ($50 for a sign and $15 for rim sticker) or you can have them made locally. Click here for rim sticker and "Provided by" sign dimensions and materials.

Press Release: This alerts your city that you have a Well available for fund raising events. Of course, you can also contact charities, churches, and schools directly and let them know they can rent your Well. You can modify the press release for that purpose too. Also, with your name and number on the Well, whenever it is being rented out, many of the people who see it will represent another charity, and so you will receive inquires from those leads too.

Direct Offer Page to Churches, Schools, Service Clubs, and Charities: This document is designed so you can copy, paste, and edit it as needed. While the rim sticker will generate a lot of loan requests, sending something directly to these charities will create a lot of instant loan requests. With schools alone, you could send something to the athletic director, band booster, the principal, PTA, and the development office. Look in the Yellow Pages for churches; for Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and other service clubs; associations; fraternal organizations; charitable organizations; social service organizations; youth organizations; etc. You can either mail or fax them something like this Direct Offer Piece, or call them and refer them to this website page. Once you get the ball rolling, the word of mouth and exposure of the Well at events will generate ongoing requests.

Standard Rental Agreement This is a document you can print on your letterhead. We also encourage you to send it to everyone who inquires about renting the Well from you because it includes a link to the following document which will give them a lot of confidence and help them raise even more money.

How to Maximize Fund-Raising Event Income Most organizations that rent a Well will do so for an event that provides the opportunity to take advantage of the event strategies and promotional ideas that will generate large amounts of money at an event. This page describes all the ideas that have proven successful around the world.

How to get started: This page describes the simple step-by-step procedures for attracting renters in your area.

Please contact us about rental questions.


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