Sponsorship Loan Program - RE/MAX EXAMPLE

**This is an example of a regional or nationwide program where a company or its independent agents get Wells for all their locations, and loan them out to local churches, schools, service clubs, libraries, and all other charities for 1-day fund raising events. The Wells have the company name on the "Provided by" sign which demonstrates their community support. This particular page was created for a RE/MAX presentation, but it can be adapted for any company. It is even better if the sponsoring company has retail locations where the Wells can be placed to raise money for the company-preferred charity when not loaned out.**


Spiral Wishing Wells have raised over $1 billion for charities and organizations around the world. They are fun, interactive, and don't "solicit" people or make them feel uncomfortable. Single Wells have raised over $1 million worth of coins, with many over $100,000. Fund raising events generate several thousand dollars, with the 1-day record currently at $40,979. Children love to toss coins in and watch them spin, and parents and grandparents enjoy handing coins to their children and grandchildren. Click here to see more income examples.

While many Wells are in permanent locations such as museums, zoos, restaurants, and stores, many local organizations would love to be able to get a Well for a single event. We receive inquiries from around the world asking for Wells for 1-day events. These include churches, schools, libraries, service clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and Jaycees, YMCA's, humane societies, Children's Miracle Network, Susan G. Komen, and all charity organizations large and small. But it is impractical to ship Wells back and forth from our factory in Dayton Ohio for one-time event.

We would like to be able to refer these requests to a local RE/MAX agent who will provide a Well to them for their fundraising event.

Our goal in 2015 is to find a company with national and global presence that will participate in this program. This proposal is being presented to RE/MAX agents to consider getting a Spiral Wishing Well to loan out in their area. This will be a great way to help the local community, while at the same time getting the RE/MAX brand and agent's name in front of large numbers of people in the context of community support and the media coverage that will follow.

Overview of benefits:

  • RE/MAX and its local agents will receive 100% of the community relations benefits. This will also include being able to issue local and national press releases reporting the total money raised with the Wells, along with some anecdotal stories of how the money has helped the communities. With a national program, this will be several million dollars each year.
  • There is no better way to place "advertising" at events like this. For instance, we can get your RE/MAX Well inside churches where they publicly thank you for providing the Well. Wells have been called, "The Trojan Horse of Advertising," because they can go where no other advertising has ever gone.
  • Many events have television and other media coverage which provides added exposure.

"It's like having an interactive billboard INSIDE churches and school events
where people see your brand with
big smiles on their faces!"

  • Unlike radio and television advertising which vaporizes immediately, Wishing Wells generate postive advertising and community relations benefits for years to come.


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Project Kindness Grants and Cost

With a national program, Project Kindness will provide $500 assistance grants, and as the manufacturer, we will match that with another $500 leaving the agent's share at $1,095. This is our "Three-Footer" and most popuplar model (measurement across the top). It weighs only 30 pounds, and can be transported in a mini-van or SUV with the seats down, or even a small car with a hatchback if the sign is removed (2 bolts). This is a one-time cost for years of benefits.

NO SPLITS: We never receive any splits or portions of the coin-revenue. 100% of it always goes to the listed charity or project. Similarly, Project Kindness will only participate in this program if the agent signs a statement on the order form that they will not receive any split or portion.

Project Kindness does not seek any recognition, so 100% of the PR benefits will belong to RE/MAX and the local agent.

How it works...

We are in the test-market phase at the present time. Ultimately, we would like RE/MAX headquarters to promote this program to its local independent agents. We would prepare a dedicated landing page like this one that includes a description of how the program works, some examples from local RE/MAX agents that have experienced the benefits of providing Wells to local events, templates for promoting it to local media, churches, schools, and other organizations, and a 1-page order form they can fax or email to us. We then make and attach their signs (unless they want to make them locally), ship the Wells, and invoice the agent.

Local Referrals

We will also publish a page that lets everyone who visits our website know that they can contact their local RE/MAX agent to borrow a Well for their fund raising event. We would eventually like to provide a zip-code search tool that produces the closest agent's names and phone numbers. Each agent will also want to promote the availability of their Well(s) using our media and promotion starter kit templates.


When people call the number on the rim sticker to inquire about borrowing the Well, the agent can email the loan-form that includes the terms of usage, and other pertinent information. The borrowing organization comes and picks up the Well, brings it back in the same condition, and agrees to provide pictures and a report of the income which the agent keeps track of, and reports up the channel to RE/MAX headquarters so it can be used for national press releases. The agent also includes a copy of our event-promotion-strategies that will dramatically increase the income for the borrowing organization.
"Spiral Wishing Wells are the most successful fund raising device of all time, and they do it without customers feeling any solicitation pressure."

"There is no better use of advertising dollars than having your name on Spiral Wishing Wells located at events."

In addition to loaning their Wells for events which happen primarily on weekends, we will encourage agents to place their Well(s) in a store or restaurant during the week where they can raise money for that store's preferred charity, or Children's Miracle Network or Susan G. Komen. Wishing Wells never get tired, so they might as well raise money every day of every week, and generate even more advertising exposure for RE/MAX and the agent!

This is the basic overview of the program with our recommendations. Agents own their Wells and can adapt the program as they choose.

If you are an agent and would like to participate in the test-phase, please let me know.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this further with you, and to answer any questions.

Direct Phone: 1-937-985-5863 (Dayton Ohio, Eastern Time Zone)

Loan Agreement Template
Order Form
Sample Handout
Starter Kit Templates

We will email the Word Document versions of the templates to you when you purchase your Well.


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