toy coin funnelGive Away Mini-Well Coin Banks FREE

Raise LOTS of Additional Money

The floor-model Wells not only generate great revenue from the coins tossed in, they act as a "demonstrator" for the Mini-Well toy models which can either be sold by the host store or gift shop, or given away "FREE for a $50 or greater donation" by the non-profit organization.

While Moms and Dads and Grandparents are handing coins to their children and watching their fascination and excitement as they watch the spinning coins perform, it is a great opportunity to offer the Mini-Well Coin Banks with a, "Take the fun home with you..." theme.

With every Two and Three-Footer Well we ship, we include a 4-color generic sign that includes a coupon promo that offers to give people $5 off their own personal mini-well if they drop a dollar into your Well for your charity (from $29.95 down to $24.95...we just take their word for it when they order...). They call our ordering line or go to a special web page. You can click here to see a close-up view of that sign. We are happy to offer that discount to help you generate dollar bills into your Well. It is good for both of us.

Better yet...

You can handle the sale and earn the profit right there at your facility or gift shop. The toy offer can easily be modified as needed. If you don't have an easy way to do that, we can help you with the wording and print the toy offer for the sign for you. In other words, as you are hosting a Well to help raise money for charity, you can actually earn a profit from that floor space. The dollar bills dramatically increase the revenue for the charity, and you are able to keep the Well there longer if it is profitable for you too.


You can give the Mini-Well Coin Banks away "FREE for a $50 or greater donation" with wording as shown in this sample. This is especially profitable if you have someone at the Well during live events such as pancake breakfasts, carnivals, fairs, shopping malls, or other events who can be demonstrating the "Coin Limbo" skill game shown below. Let people try it and they will immediately be hooked on the challenge. Mention that it makes a great gift and comes with scientific explanations that are great for Show-and-Tell at school (See our Student Guide), and the parents and grandparents will usually get more than one toy right there on the spot. After all, parents and grandparents are always looking for unique Mini-Well Coin Banks for their children and grandchildren, and the Mini-Well Vortx encourages saving money and scientific discovery with no moving parts, batteries, or electronic gadgetry. You can take orders for later delivery, or have some Mini-Well Coin Banks available which always works better.

It is an amazing phenomenon that three times as many people will donate $50 or more for a free toy than will purchase one for $29.95. They will often donate MORE than $50, AND the won't ask for any change back.

If your floor model Well is in a store or other retail venue where you don't have someone there to handle the transaction, you can show a phone number or different location where they can come to get their toy. It is easy to find a retail store that will handle the transaction for you at no charge because you will be sending more customers in through their doors.

If you are a store and raising money for a charity, you can still give the Mini-Well Coin Banks way "Free for a $50 or greater donation." We recommend you give the charity any donated amount over $20. The rest is your profit which is well deserved because you are providing floor space for the Wishing Well and handling the toy transaction. The charity will love you!


Wholesale Cost

Wholesale cost is triggered with the ownership of a floor model Well. If you own or are purchasing 1 Two or Three-Footer, your toy cost is $16/each. If you own or are purchasing 2 or more Two or Three-Footers, or 1 Seven-Footer, your cost is $13.50/each. A minimum quantity of 1 case (25/case) is required, unless you are ordering some Mini-Well Coin Banks along with your Well(s) when you can order less than 25 if you wish. We can fit up to 25 Mini-Well Coin Banks into the open spaces of a Three-Footer carton, and up to 15 Mini-Well Coin Banks into the open spaces of a Two-Footer carton at NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING. So at the very least, we encourage you to order 1 or 2 as demo samples along with your floor model purchase.

Bonus Rental Sales

If you are buying at the $13.50 rate, and if you loan or rent your Well out to other charities (churches, schools, etc.), you can also provide Mini-Well Coin Banks to those organizations for $20 each and encourage them to give the Mini-Well Coin Banks away free for a $50 or greater donation. So you can raise additional money with the Mini-Well Coin Banks without having to show up!!!


We are happy to discuss this additional income option with you and suggest the best strategy for your setting. We can also provide custom signage to help with this process. The following items are the most commonly needed.

Toy Offer Card: As noted below the picture, we can send the above card in the form of a Microsoft Word document, and you can modify it as needed to fit your application and affix it on the Wishing Well poster signs right over the top of the standard coupon offer.

FREE Toy Handout: Click here to see a PDF of a document that can be handed out at a fund raising event. If you want a Word doc version, please ask for a copy of the "FREE Vortx with a donation handout Word doc."

To discuss any of the above, please call me. It is my pleasure to help you maximize your revenue.

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Or, contact me by email. I would be happy to call you. Just let me know some good times.