Spiral Wishing Well Loan Agreement

The following is suggested wording to use when you loan your Well to local charities. We recommend that you copy and paste the following wording onto your letterhead, and modify it as necessary. You can then send this letter/agreement to everyone who inquires about borrowing a Well. As you will see below, this will include a link to the information about how they can maximize their income. This will help them understand how they will be able to maximize the benefits of the Well for their event.


Your Letterhead


Spiral Wishing Well Loan Agreement

This agreement is between [your organization name], hereinafter referred to as “Company” and the “Charity” listed at the bottom of this document.

The representative of the Charity listed below will pick up the Well from the Company and return it as per the time and dates below. If there is a need to extend the return time, Charity agrees to make that request with Company ahead of time.

Charity agrees to return the Well clean and in the same condition as when it was picked up. Charity agrees to pay for any repairs that may be necessary, which shall be performed as quickly as possible. Charity understands that no damage will be caused by normal use, and they agree to provide proper supervision of the Well to prevent abuse or vandalism.

The Charity is encouraged to promote the Well using the ideas about how to increase the revenue for short term events on

Since the Well is being provided at no cost or split fee requirement, the Charity agrees to promote the fact that the Company has provided the Well in printed programs, verbally, in press releases or reports, and other reasonable means available to the Charity.

[OPTIONAL] The Charity also agrees to distribute small handouts to the attendees which will be provided by the Company.

The Charity agrees to report to the Company the total amount of funds raised with their Well. If possible, the Charity will take a picture of the Well that the Company can post in its place of business that will promote the Charity and demonstrate to the Company's customers its role in supporting the community.

The undersigned is authorized to sign this Agreement on behalf of the Charity, and agrees to the terms herein.

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