Loan Program for Fund Raising Events


This page is specifically for local stores or companies that would like to provide one or more Wells to schools, churches, and other charities in their local region for short term fund raising events. This is a "turn-key" program with everything you need to participate.

Click here If you are national or regional company.

Local events can attract thousands of people and media coverage. One of our early one day records was at a high school gymnasium where they raised $7,352! The current one-day record is $40,979 at a church in California. These events offer great exposure opportunities for local sponsors. Simply stated, we don't believe there is any other way to get so much advertising and PR benefit for such a small one-time cost.


The basic plan is that you get one or more Wells, then using our publicity tools shown below, you would loan them to local charity events at no charge in exchange for the following benefits:

  • Great public relations since your name and message is on the Well. Your Well will help raise lots of money for charity in your community. The publicity will include direct exposure to the people who drop in coins and see your "Provided by" sign, as a sponsor mentioned in their programs, and with the media exposure that results.
  • Advertising with your "Provided by" sign and message inviting people to come to your store. How else can you advertise INSIDE a church? A school? At a fund raising event inside the mall? Your Spiral Wishing Well is like a billboard that gets placed and promoted at events all over town. No other form of advertising will compare.
  • Handouts. Optionally, you can require that the charity distribute handouts or coupons to those who attend the event. This can be a fantastic way to generate foot traffic into your store.
  • Profit. You can earn profit by providing the toy mini-Wells to the charities that borrow your Well. They give them away "Free for a $25 to $50 donation". Click here to read more about that.


All of these benefits are yours for the one-time cost of a Well. Simply stated, there is no other form of advertising or publicity that can generate as much direct business for you.

Of course, when the Well is not loaned out, you can place it in your store to raise money for your favorite charity.

If you haven't already seen a Well in action, this is an exciting clip from our partner in Japan. The one day income record in Japan is 75,501 yen! (US$686.37) The one-day record in the United States is $40,979 using our event strategies.

We receive a lot of requests about one day or weekend rentals. Unfortunately, it is not practical for us to rent them from our facility in Ohio because of the shipping and handling costs. Similarly, local stores that are using Wells do not loan them out because they would have to charge too much to replace the income they would lose by removing them from their present location. So we encourage non-store customers to "rent" their Wells to other charities for a split of the revenue.

However, a better option exists, and that is the loan program described on this page. This program encourages local businesses like yours to get a Well specifically to loan to churches, schools, service clubs, and other local charities for one-day or weekend fund raising events in exchange for the benefits listed above. They get to keep 100% of the money they raise.

We would love to be able to refer inquiries from your area to you.


We provide the following recommendations and "tools" for your use:

Sponsorship Sign: We recommend you place a "Provided by" or "Sponsored by" sign with your name on it on the bottom of the Well, similar to the sign in this sample picture. A 12" round sign using standard peel-and-stick vinyl on a 1/8" piece of plastic can be screwed to the door of the Well. Most of our customers have their signs made locally. If you don't already have a small sign vendor, you can find one by searching for, "banners, stickers, and signs in [your area]." A popular company with stores in many cities is

Rim Sticker: You will also notice the rim sticker which will generate a lot of requests. A suggested message is, "We are happy to provide this Well for your fund raising event at no charge. Please ask at the courtesy desk or call [phone number] for arrangements." At every event, almost every person there represents another charity...a church, a school, a social service organization...and they are always looking for ways to raise money. The rim sticker will lead to more and more requests to borrow your Well.

Press Release: This alerts your city that you have a Well available for fund raising events. Of course, you can also contact charities, churches, and schools directly and let them know they can borrow a Well from you. You can modify the press release for that purpose too. Also, with your name and number on the Well, whenever it is being loaned out, many of the people who see it will represent another charity, and so you will receive inquires from those leads too.

Direct Offer Piece to Churches, Schools, Service Clubs, and Charities: This document is designed so you can copy, paste, and edit it as needed. While the rim sticker will generate a lot of loan requests, sending something directly to these charities will create a lot of instant loan requests. With schools alone, you could send something to the athletic director, band booster, the principal, PTA, and the development office. Look in the Yellow Pages for churches; for Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and other service clubs; associations; fraternal organizations; charitable organizations; social service organizations; youth organizations; etc. You can either mail or fax them something like this Direct Offer Piece, or call them and refer them to this website page. The loan program can be effortless on your part, where you just let the word of mouth and exposure of the Well at events generate more requests, or you can send out a salesman to demonstrate the Well.

Standard Loan Agreement This is a template you can print on your letterhead. We encourage you to send it to everyone who inquires about borrowing the Well from you because it includes a link to the following document which will help them maximize income into the Well. It tells them how the one-day record was set, and many more ideas.

How to Maximize Fund-Raising Event Income Another of the ideas in this document is that they can give toy mini-Wells away FREE to those who donate $25 or more. Their cost is $15, so it is possible to raise more money giving the Mini-Well Coin Banks away than the coin revenue. If you sign up for this program and allow us to refer inquiries to you, we will make the Mini-Well Coin Banks available to you at the lowest wholesale price (currently $11 each) so you will earn money by supplying the Mini-Well Coin Banks to those who borrow your Well.

Churches use Wells for fund raising events often...for building campaigns, youth programs, children's ministries, and missions. They will publicly thank you for loaning your Well to them, and encourage their members to shop with you or use your services.



We encourage you to start with 1 Three-Footer model (36" diameter) which is the most popular size. If the demand is such that you need more, you can always make that decision later. We do not recommend Seven-Footers for this program because they are more expensive and require a pick-up or trailer and 2 people to transport them while the Three-Footer can easily be handled by one person and a small vehicle. It only weighs 30 pounds. Three-Footers will fit into the back of a mini-van or SUV without having to remove the sign or any other disassembly.

As described on the Prices page, the normal cost is $1,995.00, but if you sign up for this loan program, we can qualify you for a Project Kindness Grant that will significantly lower your cost.

Each Well comes with everything it needs to put it into immediate service including a padlock and 2 keys, and a generic poster under a clear plastic sign frame, so the borrowing charity can easily slip their project name inside the plastic.

What to do next?

In order to participate in this program, we need to talk with you before we can provide the grant information and amount. Please call me directly at 1-937-985-5863 (9 to 6 pm Eastern USA) or send me an email asking for more information about the "Loan Program".

Steve Divnick, President


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