The standard color of the funnels is white. We offer several basic funnel color options as shown in the pictures below. These pictures are Three-Footers, but the colors are available in all floor models. With the Seven-Footer, you can choose one color for the funnel and another for the base since both parts are fiberglass. The base for the Two and Three-Footers is rotationally-molded plastic available only in granite gray unless you are ordering 50 or more. The coin ramps are vacuum-formed white UV-Resistant ABS plastic.

Funnel colors are embedded into the fiberglass gelcoat. They are not painted on the surface. So color is VERY durable.

  • Match your décor OR choose a color that jumps out of your décor
  • Get your corporate or school colors
  • Get a bright color that attracts attention and increases income

Standard Color Options (+$100 for Two & Three-Footers, +$200 for Seven-Footers)


Premium Bright Sparkle Color Options (+$200 for Two & Three-Footers, +$300 for Seven-Footers)

Benefits of Colors

While colors are not necessary, they can increase the income if they help draw attention to the Well. In some smaller locations, that is not necessary. But if your Well is placed in a large floor space area, a color can really help increase income because it grabs attention. If people don't see it, they won't use it.


While matching your décor or corporate colors is a nice option, it might also have the effect of making your Well blend into the surroundings. If you want to maximize your income, you will want to consider a color that jumps out of the surroundings and attracts attention.

Dark vs. Light Colors: Dark colors show fingerprints and dust more than light colors, and coins tend to visually disappear as they descend the throat of the darker colors. Light colors show HIDE fingerprints and dust the best, and show coins the most. So our most popular colors are yellow, lime green, orange, red, and all shades of blue.


Two and Three-Footers: Basic color upgrade cost for Two and Three-Footer funnels is an additional $100. Premium Bright Sparkle colors (blue, yellow, or gold) are $200.

Seven-Footers: Adding colors for Seven-Footers is $200 for basic colors and $300 for the premium bright sparkle colors. As noted above, you can "mix and match" the colors with the Seven-Footer since the funnels and bases are both fiberglass.

Availability and Timing

We inventory most colors for Three-Footers (the most popular size) and can usually ship within one business day. Two-Footers and Seven-Footers are built after orders are placed. It usually takes about 2 weeks, depending on the current order load.

If you have any questions about colors, please inquire.


Seven-Footer Examples

Spiral Wishing Well Coin Funnel


Coin Funnel Spiral Wishing Wells

Spiral Wishing Well

Spiral Wishing Well Coin Funnels


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