SEARS Store - Matching Sponsorship

The “Dyess We Care Team” in Abilene Texas is a very active organization of volunteers from the Dyess Air Force Base that provides minor home repair and other services to their community. They have placed a Seven-Footer in the SEARS store in the Abilene Mall. Sears is donating valuable floor space, which is the most important ingredient to revenue, and so 100% of all the proceeds goes to The Dyess We Care Team. See the fun on children and parent’s faces as they watch the coins spin. The wishing well attracts people, and while they're there, they shop! This is synergy - a for-profit and non-profit benefiting from one another.

The Dyess We Care Team also actively encourages its members to shop at SEARS. Every organization with a Well in a store or restaurant should do the same thing. It’s all about mutual benefits!!!

The following pictures are shared with the permission of the Dyess We Care Team. You can read more about their activities on

BONUS SPONSORSHIP IDEA: Ask a nearby business (a store in the mall, car dealership, realtor, cell phone company...any business that advertises on billboards or media) to sponsor your Well by matching the income for a period of time...a month, 6 months, or a year. You can add that to the sign or on the rim and provide great exposure to them while doubling your revenue. The best way to get a matching sponsor is to place your Well, then invite them to come see it in see the faces and hear the comments of the children and parents so they can see the setting in which their company name and message is displayed.

The first picture shows the media interviewing Gordon Storey, head of the We Care Team, when the Well was placed. This kind of publicity is always helpful...for your organization and for the host store. We will gladly help you create a press release and invitation to the media to come interview you. Just let us know and we'll send a short questionnaire to you that will help us create the press release.



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