School Programs

Spiral Wishing Wells can raise a lot of money when placed in schools, especially if you use the event strategies here and the campaign ideas below. Wells can be placed in common spaces, at sporting events where the announcer can invite everyone to, "be sure to empty all the loose change in your pockets into the Wising Well before you leave tonight..." The power of the microphone is extraordinary.

Some larger schools have gotten our largest Seven-Footer model, but the most popular is the Three-Footer because it is portable, and less expensive. There are many locations at a school where your Well can be moved, and it can also be taken to area businesses, malls, and other events. So the portability of the Three-Footer is very helpful.

Doug Wead, Canyonville Christian Academy, Canyonville, Oregon: "The count is in, and we brought in $7,352.39 in one day! Isn't that fantastic! Of course, many people put in wads of bills and some pretty large checks. Thank you for letting us use a Well for our event."

School Funnels can also be placed in area stores and restaurants where the owners and managers like to support the school which is a good customer-demographic for them.

We would love to find a national company that would sponsor Wells for all the schools in the country. The youth demographic is extraordinarily profitable for many companies, and this would provide many years of brand exposure for a one-time sponsorship cost. So if you have any connections with companies like this, please let us know.

Get your School Well Sponsored Locally

It is relatively easy to get a family or individual to sponsor your Well. We have word-for-word invitations that are very effective. In other words, if you want a Well for your school, PTA, Athletic Department, Band, or any other school related use, we will help you get it even if you don't have the money in hand to do so. Click here to read how to get a local sponsor.


One of the most successful campaigns was in at a high school in Oregon where the students placed Wells all over town to raise money for a classmate that needed a bone morrow transplant. The local media picked up the story, promoted it heavily, and they raised $248,000 in 45 days. People also put checks and bills into the Wells...even $100 bills! Because of the media coverage, they received calls from stores asking for a Well. The life-saving transplant was paid for, with some money left over that matched up with other grants for other surgeries.

This kind of campaign can also generate quite a few prizes donated as it became very popular for stores to participate. The cost of the Wells for a project like this can be covered by asking the stores to purchase the Wells, and when the campaign is over, they can use them to raise funds for their own favorite charity.

In other words, when it comes to promotions, you are only limited by your imagination. The Wishing Well becomes the focal point for the fund raising event, but you are not limited to coins.

Vortx Spin-A-Thons

Some schools have conducted "Vortx Spin-A-Thons" where the students get pledges of $1 per hour for the continuous spinning of the same coin. By moving the Vortx in a circular motion, the inertia is maintained and the coin keeps on spinning as long as the student has enough coordination to keep it going. The record is 33 hours and 16 minutes by one person with the same coin! See the accompanying YouTube video for a demonstration. This is similar to a "work-a-thon" or "walk-a-thon" and can raise several thousand dollars. This kind of event can also attract media coverage because of its uniqueness and tie-in to physics. The events usually take place in a gymnasium with rows of tables. Each student has a Vortx and a coin. They can begin on Friday evening and include parent volunteers, food and snacks, various movies on TV's around the gym, and a great social event atmosphere. It can be organized around "which class can raise the most money" and any number of other internal prize motivations. This kind of event requires some organization, but it can be very lucrative. If you want to put one together, we will help you from start to finish. Don't hesitate to ask.  

Great for Parent Organizations

Many parent organizations get Wells and place them at various school events...athletic games, science events, music performances, graduations, and any other time the school hosts community events. It is usually very easy to get a parent or family to sponsor a Well, often in honor or memory of someone who has been influential at the school. You can include a brass-like plate on the rim with a message such as, "Provided by the Jones Family". Click here to see an example of that, and how to invite a family to be a sponsor. The family sponsor usually provides enough for you to purchase the Well. You can then get a local business to become a business sponsor for an annual fee. We recommend $1,000 per year using the round sponsorship signs shown here.

Rental Idea

One of the significant upsides of using a Wishing Well in a school is because you can take advantage of the event strategies since you have access to the students, parents, and grandparents ahead of an event. That isn't possible with a Well in a store or restaurant, or any place that relies on people walking by. At the same time, there is a siginficant downside since the same students will see it over and over. While students will still drop their loose change in, and there will always be a nice income stream, there is a way to make it even greater.

You can rent out your school Well to local churches, service clubs like Rotary, Lions, and Kiwanis, and other charities in your vicinity for a split of the revenue. The recommended split is "50% or $200 whichever is least." So if you rent it out to a charity on a Saturday, and another charity on a Sunday, that's $400 per weekend, or $1600 a month in ADDITION to the amount you raise during the week. We have all the rental details worked out for you, including template press releases and direct information you can send to area charities, rental agreement wording, and much more. Click here to read more about the rental option.